What is The PETALS Award?

At Vista Health System, collaboration is a vital component of patient care excellence. The PETALS (Professional Extraordinaire That Always Lends Support) Award for nursing support staff aligns with the DAISY Award for Nursing Staff. The PETALS and DAISY programs work hand-in-hand and signify the teamwork necessary to accomplish outstanding, high quality patient care and outcomes.

Just as every daisy has petals extending from its core to create a perfect flower, so too does every nursing staff member have partners lending support to provide outstanding, compassionate patient care. The PETALS Award recognizes and celebrates members of the nursing support team for professional achievement, performance, dedication and going above and beyond to give extraordinary care and make a difference in the life of another.

Nominate a Nursing Support Staff Member

Vista Health System’s PETALS Award Committee invites nominations for recognizing exemplary care by nursing support staff members. Please fill out the form below: