The Pharmacy at Vista Medical Center East is staffed around the clock with dedicated professionals whose responsibility is ensuring patients admitted to the hospital receive the best pharmaceutical care available.

Inpatient pharmacists collaborate with all members of the health care team, patients and their caregivers to develop treatment regimens based on the most up-to-date information available, taking into consideration cost and clinical efficacy. Pharmacists also provide counseling for patients who may benefit from a better understanding of potential side effects and dosing information about medications. Pharmacy technicians and students assist in the delivery of pharmaceutical care under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.

Vista’s inpatient pharmacy is committed to following the below standard protocol:

  • All new medication orders are reviewed for appropriateness by  pharmacist to determine and eliminate any medication therapy problems.
  • Pharmaceutical needs of the patient are reassessed as needed or as the patient’s condition changes.
  • Pharmacists prescribe drug therapy regimens as authorized by hospital protocols, including ordering of labs to monitor drug therapy for appropriateness.
  • Patient progress and medication recommendations are communicated to the primary provider and documented in the electronic medical record.
  • Pharmacy staff coordinates the storage, preparation and distribution of all medications, including sterile products, and ensure full compliance with national standards of practice.
  • Pharmacy staff members monitor medication shortages, and when necessary, work with physicians to determine appropriate alternative therapies.

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