Stroke Center

Vista Health System’s Primary Stroke Center is accredited by the Joint Commission and committed to acting fast when it comes to preventing and treating strokes.

What is a Stroke?

Strokes occur when blood flow to the brain is disrupted and are signaled by a sudden loss of vision, face numbness, dizziness and/or a severe headache. Risk factors include high-blood pressure, diabetes, excess alcohol consumption, genetics and heart disease.

Why Choose Vista?

Strokes are real emergencies. Professional emergency response and stroke alert teams are trained and ready to quickly attend to these critical situations. When you come to the stroke center, you can expect:

  • Early assessment of symptoms
  • Individualized stroke prevention and treatment plans
  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Rehabilitation and physical medicine services

We also partner with SSEEO (Stroke Survivors Empowering Each Other) to offer support, education and resources to you and your family.

Rush TeleStroke Network

Since July 2012, Vista East has participated in the Rush TeleStroke Network with Rush University Medical Center. Using a TeleStroke robot on site at Vista East, the Emergency Department staff can quickly connect to a Rush neurologist on call 24/7 who can see and hear patients while reviewing the patient’s vitals and other data. This allows the Rush neurologist to assess the stroke symptoms and determine the appropriate treatment.

For More Information

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Accredited Stroke Center by The Joint Commission.