Surgical Services

Vista Health System offers general and specialized surgical procedures. Many of these procedures are available on a same-day, outpatient basis.

Vista Medical Center East offers both inpatient and outpatient surgery options for care in many specialties including:

Surgeons offer traditional, endoscopic and laser surgical options. Surgeons use the hospitals’ advanced endoscopy systems, which allow them to utilize tiny video equipment to view the body’s structures from inside. Anesthesiologists are available on a 24-hour basis to provide general anesthesia, sedation, epidural and regional blocks.

Inpatient Surgical Services

For patients who require inpatient surgery, a surgical nurse calls the patient prior to surgery to answer any questions and obtain details about their medical history. Before undergoing a procedure, patients can receive a tour of the surgical facilities, if they wish. Prior to discharge, patients receive written instructions for at home care and are sometimes given referrals for additional outpatient treatment.

Same-Day Surgery

Many surgeries that once required an overnight hospital stay are now offered on a same-day basis at Vista Medical Center East. Innovative surgical techniques and new anesthetics that take fewer tolls on the body have made the difference. You save time and money and you can recuperate in the comfort of your own home. Same day surgery is also available at the Vista Ambulatory Care Center (Lindenhurst).

Post Anesthesia Care Unit

After special procedures and/or surgery, both inpatients and outpatients at the hospitals are monitored by a team of specially-trained nurses and independent anesthesiologists. Fully-equipped recovery units are designed for patient safety and comfort. During this time, a pain management consultant works closely with the surgeons and bedside caregivers to relieve post-operative pain so the patient can begin the recovery process.

Laser/Endoscopy Center

Endoscopic surgeries comprise approximately 40 percent of the total surgical procedures performed at Vista Health System. Endoscopy, commonly referred to as “Band-Aid Surgery,” is used in orthopedic, gynecological, nasal, gastrointestinal, thoracic and abdominal procedures. In many cases, endoscopic surgeries significantly decrease recovery time when compared to traditional surgical techniques. Patients often experience less bleeding, less scarring and a reduced need for pain medication.

In addition, laser surgery is often used to fragment ureteral stones and for procedures in the specialties of ophthalmology, gynecology, urology and respiratory care.

Contact your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for a referral, or visit to self-schedule an appointment with a PCP.



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